A key issue in a transition to common use of relevant shares of hydrogen in natural gas supply is safe operation and reliable functioning of end-use appliances. The lifetime of these end-use appliances is considerable and so new gas appliances put on the market should ideally be compatible with these admixtures as soon as possible. Therefore appropriate adaptation of certification requirements and related standardization is of utmost importance.

Different initiatives and first experiences exist. In the framework of its WP4 on standardization and certification the THyGA project team decided to organize a workshop with a number of invited experts in view of getting better insight into these existing initiatives and experiences and answers on a number of open questions.

On the 31st of March, the workshop brought together 32 standardisation experts and manufacturers to discuss and share information on the current certification and standardisation frameworks, in the EU and the USA.  On the programme:

The recording of the workshop and the presentations are available below.

The THyGA project team thanks the experts for their participation, valuable contributions, and acceptance to share their views publicly with all interested stakeholders.

Please note that these exchanges reflect thoughts and leads of the guests on the topic of H2NG and not necessarily official positions of the concerned organizations’ formal views.

Main take-aways from the workshop

The replay: