Articles and conferences

  • The Impact of Hydrogen Admixture into Natural Gas on Residential and Commercial Gas Appliances Link 
  • THyGA in the Global Voice of Gas Link 
  • THyGA at World Gas Conference 2022 Link 

Webinar and workshops

  • First workshop of the THyGA project Replay 
  • Impact of hydrogen admixture on residential and commercial combustion processes insights from combustion science Replay  
  • Materials science – impacts of hydrogen blends Replay  
  • THyGA Workshop on interim test results – December 2021 (D6.2) Link 
  • Technical workshop “H2NG supply to residential and commercial appliances – standardization and certification” Replay 
  • Workshop on standardization  (D6.3) Replay 
  • Final public workshop (D6.4) Replay


  • Newsletter #1 Link 
  • Newsletter #2 – June 2021 Link 
  • Newsletter #3 – November 22 Link