Established in 1946, GoGaS has become a key innovation and technology partner to many customers and Who is Who in their industries, providing sustainable, environment friendly and innovative turnkey solutions for buildings, manufacturing process up to CO2 neutral operation. The unique portfolio includes a wide range of modular and multivalent system and turnkey solutions such as IR, UV, UV-C, Air-condition, Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Solar Systems and others for stationary, mobile and portable in- and outdoor applications driving down CO2 emissions and allowing customers operating their systems and buildings emission free.  Solutions also include Solar Air Collectors, Heat Pumps and Hydrogen Burners. The company is active in several standardization committees, defining the next generation of technology standards such as TGA+.

GoGaS is a stakeholder in leading trade associations and initiatives, e.g. the German Engineering Association e.V. (VDMA), figawa, Export Initiative Energy, ELVHIS. (VDMA), figawa, Export Initiative Energy, ELVHIS. As an active partner of the Sustainability Initiative “Blue Competence”, GoGaS is also driving the future of environment friendly and energy efficient planning, building and operating of B2B buildings, thus optimizing its CO2 footprint and maintaining the highest possible asset valuation, ROI and TCO for investors, owners, operators and tenants at the same time. The company is also involved in key research programs of the EU and industrial technology partners. GoGaS provides its customers with turnkey solutions, reducing the number of interfaces, eliminating delays in the Supply Chain and project execution and provides a lifetime warranty and support service.

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